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Product Development, Project Management & Manufacturing Development

Within the Global Economy we all have projects we are trying to finish, with more projects waiting to be started as well as some final details to close on others. Shortly thereafter, Production tracking starts, followed by Quality Control along with Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and resolving capacity issues. All of these must work in harmony in order to achieve a successful project. What can 1 Global Service do? Answer: meet your needs. Our flexible and cross-functional team can step in and pick up where your company needs assistance. These include:

  • Design
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Quality Control
  • Production Oversight
  • Pre-shipping Inspections
  • Shipping Coordination
  • Post PO Issues
  • Payment, Credit, or Collection Service
  • Market Research and Product Design

1 Global Service is one of the leading solution innovators for our clients in automotive aftermarket and consumer products fields. 1 Global Service has achieved this through our understanding of Products, Production and End Use. Our highly skilled, full-time Industrial Designers conduct reviews of opportunities in current markets, new use, acceptable market perception and end use. Take advantage of this opportunity to:

Design with low cost manufacturing to meet today’s retail cost targets.
Implement our supply chain to support the development and production of your product.
Create a close-knit and focused effort of our retail art design and product store layout capabilities to achieve the highest level of sales.

Work with the best. See what your product can achieve!

Manufacturing Management and Manufacturing Design

1 Global Service was founded on the values of bringing effective options to the Global Manufacturing Market.

Starting in 1999, our focus was Production Transplanting and supporting Offshore Business Startups.
In 2003 our focused shifted to providing management for offshore manufacturing tooling and support for manufacturing equipment.
Since 2007, 1 Global Service has expanded services to include Production and Design.
In 2008, 1 Global Service also expanded into developing custom management software targeted for global project management.

Today 1 Global Service can boast Sales, Design and Manufacturing capability and success in the global market.
Each step has been driven by the hard-won knowledge and wisdom gained since our inception in 1999.
We continue to thrive and grow from the development and diversification of our capabilities.

Upgrades to Lost Leaders vs. New Designs

We have seen many clients re-design and re-vamp old products to bring a fresh look to a formerly successful idea. This effort might extend the life-span of old product line and get results for 1 or 2 years, but this strategy does not take enterprises to the next level. Market leaders are those that take risks with new products. Put the imagination back in product development and reinvigorate your product lines!

The cost to develop the next leading product comes with time and investigation of Market Demand, Market Use, and understanding what cost pressures a market can bare. This is not an easy task and many companies fail for various reasons. One primary reason is failing to present the idea to your own company to gain support. Without a fundamental level support from all teams within your company the product is destined to fail.

We discuss this early in the discussion meeting for product development and the look of disbelief always follows. Our experience is that companies in today’s world are not built on one person and one idea. It takes the entire company to make the right decisions for success.

Marketing doesn’t have buy-in on the product; they will retool old styles and will not give their best effort.

Sales teams, in turn, have little confidence in the product and or lack a clear understanding of goals. This leads to less sales made.

Engineering doesn’t have a clear understanding of function or design goals.

QA/QC teams, lacking the understanding of requirements, safety standards and possible manufacturing defects, leading to lower quality products.

Finance doesn’t believe the capital investment required could ever be approved.

At 1 Global Service we have a holistic understanding of business, let us manage the development of your next project.

Project Success!

Shipping Coordination

Managing a fast-pace work load with multi-shipment tracking and all the related documents is very time consuming and taxing for your traffic and coordination staff. As a Client of 1 Global Service we track all shipments and documents on our Online Container Tracking System. With this tool it is exceedingly easy to track your projects, shipping documents, and status updates with added advantage of providing secure access for your Broker or import shipping company.

We look forward to adding you as a client and providing you the advantage of our tracking module.

Shipping Portal

The 1 Global Service Container Online Tracking System is designed to maximize the communication of freight services tracking details to our clients. The system is secured with a 64bit encryption algorithm to keep business transactions safe between our clients and 1 Global Service. To test drive this communication tool, please contact 1 Global Service to arrange a time for a demo and personalized test run.

Contact Us for a live Demo!

Off Shore Legal Assistance

Knowing the legal in’s and out’s, do’s and don’t and intricacies in multi-national business plans are key to the success of investments offshore in either tooling, facilities, staff, and PO releases. 1 Global Service legal staff is ready to Consult and assist with:

Corporate filings
Business negotiations
Government and Business Contracts and Agreements.

Contact 1 Global Service today if your company can take advantage of our services, including:

Contact us today, we are here to assist with your business needs!

Manufacturing concepts for low cost off shore fabrication.
Quality Control management from a third party to ensure your products arrive as required.
Multi-country costing analysis for your decision process, ensuring the best cost in the right manufacturing location.
Designed manufacturing processes fit for the global market.
Supplier sourcing and training.
Product design and Industrial design.

We have Engineers specialized in Product Development, Quality and Manufacturing Processes ready to fulfill your project’s requirements.