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We currently have offices in the US, China, Korea, India, Mexico and Ireland as well as Sub Offices throughout the world.

Fulfill your Business requirements in the most efficient manufacturing hubs in the World.


To deliver requirements in a manner that best benefits our clients. Combining worldwide manufacturing, marketing, sales, product design and supply chain management with Quality control in the effort of achieving our clients goals with honesty, integrity and innovation.

Online Communication Portal

The 1 Global Service Container Online Tracking System is designed to maximize the communication of freight services tracking details to our clients. The system is secured with a 64bit encryption algorithm to keep business transactions safe between our clients and 1 Global Service. To test drive this communication tool, please contact 1 Global Service to arrange a time for a live demo and personalized test run.

Eye on the world of Manufacturing

In today’s world one constant is certain: Change will come, and everything is Changing. 1 Global Service is on pulse of the global manufacturing, constantly looking and adapting with the world, ready to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers.

We continue to see pressure from government bodies to change worldwide business, with exchange rates of currency, freight, rules and laws. In effect, change the way we do business. We continue to see a rise in labor, energy, material and transporting cost. Despite these pressures, we all must continue to lower prices in order to succeed in manufacturing. This is nothing new, this is the day to day reality in the world

With this in mind we must prepare for success through adaptability, to be flexible with our supply chains in order keep our end clients. 1 Global Service stays abreast of changes and monitors trends for our clients each day. This is our mission and if you are in business today, it is the mission of everyone on your team.

This commitment to success has many layers, which we all must take in consideration. We continue to refine our knowledge to align the Right Product, Right Cost, Right Quality, and Right Supply chain for each and every client.

We share the strength of our adaptability with our clients. We have relationships with trusted suppliers, known for going the extra mile, that we may have to change due to changing economic factors. There are friends and work companions we all will say good bye to someday, but the world will keep turning and continue to deal with the same issues that we have dealt with in the past.

History Always repeats itself – we are taught this at an early age, yet most don’t learn from mistakes. It is human nature to think we are doing it better than those before us and thinking that we will not succumb to the same mistakes. We all know these facts but we don’t want to change. We have many names for this attitude but it is not the only option.

The choice is clear: Let’s stop repeating mistakes from our past – Planning and Direction are the only way forward.

Mistakes will never stop, but to prevent making the same mistake twice is prevented by adaption, planning and clear, objective goals.

Jim Hughes

President, 1 Global Service